Choosing a payment method
Once you have finished all the billing details, you may select any of the available payment options to make payment. Simply click the radio button beside each of the payment methods. After this, click the book button to move on to the next step

1. For Interswitch

Click on Interswitch.

Fill details, then click on Pay button.

After that you will get transaction status. Finally click on continue button.

2. For Visa
You may or may be not get this notification, it depends on your computer settings. If you are getting this notification, simply click on I Understand the Risks.

Fill your card details, and click on OK button to continue transaction

Wait for a moment.

Finally enter your pin and click on submit to proceed.

If you have any questions, send a mail to


You can make cash payments into any of the following bank accounts:

Account Name: World N Traveland Ltd.

Guaranty Trust Bank 0004757073
Zenith bank 1011759396
UBA 0398013100
First bank plc 2008062446